At least Anthony Perosh probably doesn't remember the injuries sustained from his knockout. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Anthony Perosh's Toe Almost Falls Off

Last night, Australian MMA journalist Adam Ireland tweeted that light-heavyweight Anthony Perosh is withdrawing from his UFC on FX bout next month against Joey Beltran due to “a horrific broken toe.” At first glance, I immediately questioned how “horrific” any toe injury could be. I even had the gall to think to myself that Perosh bailing out of the fight due to an injured toe was the equivalent of Dwyane Wade missing a basketball game dueto the sniffles.

Those thoughts quickly disappeared the second I saw the picture accompanying Ireland’s tweet, displaying the toe in question.

The Anthony Perosh toe in question. Credit: @adamireland1 on Twitter.!/adamireland1/media/slideshow?

What. The. Hell.

My mind is struggling to wrap itself around the picture. How does something like that happen when training for an MMA fight? Is that bone? Do I see bone in that picture? Does Anthony Perosh train with a circular saw for some God-unknown reason?

Needless to say, I have no doubt that Perosh made the right decision dropping out of the fight, and I immmediately regret thinking about suggesting that he would for some unknown reason be dodging a fight against Beltran. The fact that Perosh could even be composed enough to take a picture of that gruesome foot-digit confirms that he is much more of a man than I will ever be. I would have been long passed out by that point, hoping to wake up with that thing sewn back together and in a cast so I never had to see it like that again. Then again, I also get faint whenever I get blood drawn, so me being more of a man than any UFC fighter has pretty much been out of the question for some time now.

No word on a potential replacement for Beltran but, considering the fact that the fight is in Australia, I would bet that they plug in a light heavyweight from the local fight scene for the inevitable Beltran slugfest.

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