UFC on Fox 3: Settling the Dust

UFC on Fox is in the books and it was an event where we seen a knock out and the emergence of new title contenders.  Going into this event there were two fighters looking to make an impression and cement their claim to a title shot.

To kick off the first “settling the dust” post we will focus on the aspects outside of the fighters.

  • Rogan and Goldberg where OK tonight, i still seen a bit of bias from Rogan, more specifically during the Belcher-Palhares fight. Rogan was yelling out instructions and the only credit he gave to Palhares was saying “this is a dangerous position for Belcher, he needs to watch out here”.
  • The crowd were annoying here and there.
  • The officials were on point tonight. During the Lavar Johnson fight, Barry was blocking a lot of the strikes and was given a fair amount of time to recover.

Now on to the fighters

  • The flyweights had an amazing showing. The two fights that took place were fast paced and tons of action with one impressive finish.
  • John Dodson was not as impressive as I expected him to be. It could have been the injured hand, but he did not deal well with being push back and that fight could have easily went the other way
  • Louis Gaudinot started off the fight shaky, I don’t think he was fighting smart and he was being beaten to the punch. Towards the end of the round he earned a takedown and started to fight smart in the second round. The submission was impressive, but unless his fight IQ goes up he will run into issues in the future against power punchers.
  • Larvar Johnson done what he needed to do to win. He was able to get Barry to exchange with him and then pin him against the cage to unload. However, he was in a little danger on the ground against Pat Barry which does not bode well for him if he faces a strong ground fighter
  • Belcher looked amazing in his fight. Alan went in there and played the submission game with one of the most dangerous in the division and came out on top. Palhares got in all the positions he wanted to get in, but Belcher is just the better fighter and nothing about that fight leads me to believe that had that fight been ran 10 times it would not have ended differently.
  • Jonny Hendricks was not impressive last night. He earned a razor close decision over a guy people were calling done. I personally felt he lost the fight with Koscheck landing the more powerful strikes in the first. Hendricks may have earned a title shot, but nothing about his performance tells me he stands a chance.
  • Some were writing off Koscheck going into the fight, but he showed up and not only competed he nearly won the fight. With that said Koscheck is still the same wrestle boxer he always was. Josh went to the well on his right hand the entire fight and never set it up. In the third he showed that he was the better MMA wrestler than Hendricks. If Kos wants to be successful in his future fights he needs to use his striking to get takedowns.
  • Nate Diaz looked amazing last night, he beat Miller in the clinch, on the feet, and of course on the ground. Last night he showed that he is the better fighter of the two Diaz brothers.
  • Miller kept clinching and it was clear he was unable to deal with Nate’s clinch work. Miller seemed to be committed to landing the break away elbow and he did land the strike a number of times, but he absorbed too much damage to land such a low percentage strike. Miller seemed to be in surviail mode after Nate dropped him in the first round and never really got his legs back.

Performance of the NIght

Usually there would be one here, but quite frankly Diaz and Belcher both deserve this. Belcher played in dangerous waters and not only survived, but destroyed Palhares. Belcher put himself on the short list for a middleweight title shot and with his ground game i believe he does have a shot against the champion.

Diaz walked through Jim MIller. The only success Miller had was with leg kicks early, outside of that the fight was all Diaz from bell to bell.

Letdown of the Night

Pat Barry takes this for me. He has a ton of striking skill, but keeps allowing himself to get into low IQ fire fights and he gets blasted. It was great to see him take it to the ground and work for a sub, but unless his fight IQ increases then he will continue to do poorly.


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