UFC ON FOX 3: Sunday Morning Hangover

What can we say, UFC ON FOX 3 delivered and in a big way.  Here are a few thoughts now that the dust has settled and everyone can relax.

A good night for the British 

British based fighter Karlos Vermola defeated New Jesery native, Mike  Massenzio  with an impressive rear naked choke. John “The Hitman” Hathaway defeated the very dangerous German Pascal Krauss. Vermola came from behind to lock in the choke which makes his win even more impressive. For Hathaway it was important to get back into the UFC rhythm after a long lay off. It is clear to see that Hathaway has the ability to challenge the  elite of the welterweight division. The only problem for the Brit is staying healthy long enough to chalk up a nice win streak. There has always been a British presence in the UFC, but many find it difficult to keep up with their international counterparts. We find now, with the recent intake of fighters; Jason Young, John Maguire and Che Mills — that the British contingent is once again strong.

The flyweights bring it!

What can be said about the newest division in the UFC — It’s awesome. We thought it couldn’t get any better than the featherweights and bantamweights, their speed, power and agility. The flyweights blow the others out of the water. Louis Gaudinot Vs John Lineker has to be one of the best fights this year, both stood in the middle of the cage  and connected with bombs. With granite chins, they didn’t back down, kept moving forward and kept swinging. Unbelievably while being rocked against the cage, Gaudinot was able to lock in a Guillotine, tight — and put Lineker to sleep! The Future is bright, Tim Elliot came out wild against John Dodson on short notice and landed some crazy strikes.

I don’t know what it is, if it’s because they are new, and they have a point to prove or if they are just always that fired up for a barn burner? but I like it.

Lavar Johnson is the scariest man on the planet

There is something about the heavyweight division, and it has roots in boxing. Every man wanted to be the Heavyweight Champion of the world at some point in their life time — and some go on to achieve their goals. This is why I think the heavyweight division and the Champion will hold the most significance out of all. The heavyweights are the biggest, and the strongest men on the planet — There is some kind of romantic connection between fans and heavyweight fighters. Here’s the thing, Lavar Johnson — without doubt in my mind could annihilate anyone in the division with one punch. The sheer beating he put on Pat Berry was magical, lefts, right, uppercuts the whole lot. The results raises questions over Barry’s future in my opinion 4-5 since joining the UFC his future has to be in consideration regardless if his fights are exciting.

Koscheck is definitely not done

We have been talking about Josh Koscheck quite a bit this week, a lot were saying he is edging close to his later years. It is hard to argue that after last night, the fight was extremely close — if Kos was able to land more of the ground, he would have been the victor.  Koscheck was on a two-fight win streak before this loss (I doubt it will be considered a loss, regarding his standing by the UFC brass) and clearly he wants to continue to fight.

Nate Diaz is becoming a great fighter 

Lets face it, when you think of the Diaz brothers, you think of Nick — now you have Nate to contend with too. Last night he looked extremely impressive, controlling the fight, not letting Miller get into a rhythm and finally submitting him by guillotine. The first person to do so. Is anyone else getting the feeling that Miller will be that one guy to get so close, but yet so far? It excites me to see Nate in a title fight, which we now know he will wait for, dependent on the outcome of Henderson Vs Edgar II


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