Nathan "Gunner" Gunn: "I Have No Option But To Try And Inflict Damage"

Nathan Gunn (9-2)  is an experienced fighter, but tomorrow night at Bellator 67 will face the biggest fight of his life. Gunn will be facing off against Dominic O’ Grady (13-4) in a Welterweight contest. We had the chance to sit down with Gunn and ask him about the fight.


Nathan Gunn for many is an unknown entity, we asked him to give us a bit of insight into his background and the person he is? He said;

“My name is Nathan Gunn, I am from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. I was always involved in sports and then focused onto hockey in which up till junior, I was spending most of my on ice time fighting and in the penalty box. I got into MMA , when a freind of mine started announcing events in western Canada. He tried to get me to take a fight on short notice with next to no training what so ever, which I declined. I knew this sport was full of trained, great fighters and a tough scrappy kid is not enough to survive when the cage door closes. So I got involoved with the local MMA gym Leading Edge MMA with coach Matt Richer, I trained in all aspects of the sport  for about 7 months before taking my first fight in a small show in northern Wisconsin, USA. From that moment, I was hooked and gradually worked my way up to tougher opponents and events. Always developing and becoming more successful` as I progressed. I balance a full time day job, my beautiful wife Simone, Daughter 4-and a half years old Madison and Son Xander 6 months. So it is a very busy schedule when you mix in the training required for this sport.”

With a varied record, 1 KO, 3 submissions and 3 decisions, Gunn is a well rounded fighter. Does Gunn prefer one skill set over the other? He answered;

“I definatly like to stand and bang but I dont fear going to the  ground at all. I am defiantly equipped to handle myself on the ground but I always tend to fall back on just being a tough aggressive scrapper who likes to try and be exciting. I always like to press the pace and try to make my opponent fall off his game plan and go into survival mode.”

Gunn will be entering the cage against Dominic O’Grady tomorrow, how does he break down his opponent’s game? He said;

“He seems to be a long, taller fighter who likes to try and move forward and press the action which will clash with my style. This is going to be a very eventful fight, it will be interesting  to see who can actually get the other guy on there heals and worried about defense rather than inflicting there offence. He has good hands so will defiantly test my stand up ability.”

What’s the game plan against O’Grady? He said;

“It is defiantly going to be to get him on his heals and worried about what  I am throwing at him rather than giving him time to set up his offence and focus on setting up his strikes. I think whoever gets the other person on there heals will be the victor in this one.”

Gunn is an experienced fighter but this will be the first time fighting on a bigger stage. Is there added pressure fighting on Bellator? He said;

“I am mentally very strong I don’t find any more pressure than any other time i step in the cage. In the end it is always just you and him in there no matter who’s logo is on the cage or how many people are in the stands or watching on TV or online.”

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